Recipes for a Crock Pot Thanksgiving (2024)

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Recipes for a Crock Pot Thanksgiving (1)

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Thanksgiving is a great time to sit around a table with the ones you love and enjoy lots and lots of yummy food! But what if there was less sweating over a hot stove to make the foods we enjoy?

What if you could plug in a slow cooker, sit back and wait for your meal to be ready.

Give thanks!

Here is a list of recipes that will make your Thanksgiving easier so you can spend more time with the ones you love instead of in the kitchen sweating at the stove.


Stuffing (or Dressing)


Green Beans

Cranberry Sauce



Are you in need of a Crockpot/Slow cooker? Here are some that might fit your needs:

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Ready for Football?

New Years Day:

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Recipes for a Crock Pot Thanksgiving (5)

Recipes for a Crock Pot Thanksgiving

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Recipes for a Crock Pot Thanksgiving (2024)
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