Recipe This | My Slimming World Extra Easy SP Diary Week 2 (2024)

Recipe This | My Slimming World Extra Easy SP Diary Week 2 (1)

Welcome to My Slimming World Extra Easy SP Diary Week 2. If you followed me last week you will know that during my first SP week I lost 5 pounds. Well that is not technically true as I only actually followed it for 5 days not 7. But it still resulted in an average weight loss of a pound a day.

I have now completed:

  • A Slimming World Soup Week
  • A Slimming World Slow Cooker Week
  • A Slimming World SP Week

So what is next you may ask?

Well I was on Instagram a few days ago and was wondering what my fellow Slimming World followers were eating. Where they eating similar food to me? Did they eat smaller portions? Bigger portions? More vegetables?

Well I was super nosey and decided to check it out for myself. Well…to say I was shocked was an understatement. I scrolled down and down and down and didn’t find a healthy plate of food until the 41st dinner update.

I carried on and carried on and found that on average from people sharing what they ate on Slimming World on Instagram that only 1 in every 45 people had vegetables on their plate.

With a big emphasis on “as long as it is free food we can eat it”. I noticed plate after plate of pasta with cheese from the healthy extras on top. Or cans of processed foods, or even Pot Noodles.

I live on the Mediterranean and it is all about the healthy food here and I find it rather alien to me and so hard to get my head around.

So this gave me an idea of what I would do this week…..

Table of Contents

This Week = Speed Foods + Protein + Healthy Fats

Last week I felt like I needed more fats. We all need natural fats in our body. Forget FryLight as it is really not worth putting into your body. What I am talking about is extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, coconut butter and of course avocados.

It makes you run further, feel satisfied for longer and it puts you in the best ever physical shape. Plus if you have ever spoken to a fitness instructor or a nutritionist they will always say to you “if you ever want to burn fat, eat fat”. And this reflects on eating natural fats on a regular basis.

So I am going to fill up my Syns on natural fats everyday. Olive oil will probably be the choice fat along with using healthy extras towards cheese and milk.

I also expect that because of this it will allow me to run further and push my body further with exercise, something that your body can’t achieve if you are not getting enough fat in your body.

My main principles for the next 5 days will be:

  • Speed foods with EVERY meal
  • Protein with every meal
  • Snack on protein
  • Regular free food kept to a minimum
  • Syns from natural fats only
  • Run everyday
  • 3 Litres of water per day
  • No processed foods

On Friday of last week I managed to be able to run a total distance of 4.4km. This is the furthest I have done in over 18 months. I plan to run everyday and get this distance up to 5km which used to be my regular distance. I was of course 30lbs lighter then so it will be interesting to see how I get on.

To follow it along at home you will need to know a few things. First of all below is the Slimming World SP foods that feature in all our meals:

Recipe This | My Slimming World Extra Easy SP Diary Week 2 (3)

Then secondly you will need to know all about the Syns in the natural fats. They are all outlined below:

Recipe This | My Slimming World Extra Easy SP Diary Week 2 (4)

One thing to note though. I don’t eat Healthy Extra B’s. In the old Slimming World books (my old one is from 2006) you could have 1tbsp of extra virgin olive oil as a B choice.

Because my SP days are free of pasta and loads of the other similar foods, you could count your extra virgin olive oil as a Healthy Extra B if you liked!

And for a full list of the Healthy Extras see below:

Recipe This | My Slimming World Extra Easy SP Diary Week 2 (5)

As you can see it is very easy to be able to consume three healthy meals a day plus any snacks you want. Clearly there is no wine, no chocolate and no processed foods, but you can still have great food!

Day 1

Recipe This | My Slimming World Extra Easy SP Diary Week 2 (6)

A brand new week is upon us. I have put on 4 pounds and kept 1 pound on and in honesty I don’t care and I deserve it.

I purposely ate incredibly well during the week knowing that I was recipe testing cheesecakes on the weekend. I must have got myself through 3 cheesecakes so no wonder.

But I am back running this morning to what I could do pre-pregnancy and I am carrying around an extra 2.5 stone compared to then.

This morning I ran 5km with my son and it felt so good to be achieving that again. With the Portuguese sunshine on my back and beautiful country lanes it was heaven.

Then for breakfast it was vegetable soup with some leftover shredded chicken. Then for lunch it was chicken and vegetables cooked in the slow cooker. Though I would like to slap whoever it was that took my chicken skin!

Then in the evening for dinner we had some of our favourite carrot risotto with some more chicken breast.

Day 2

Recipe This | My Slimming World Extra Easy SP Diary Week 2 (8)

For day 2 I am starting the day again with a 5km run. This time it involves more hills and it is amazing how tired it makes me. But I did it and feel great for doing so.

Then for breakfast it is vegetables cooked in the Airfryer with a little olive oil, some sliced avocado and a large hard boiled egg. A fantastic start to the day and clearly you can’t take the Paleo out of the girl.

For lunch we have lasagne soup – fully loaded with vegetables and mince, homemade tomato sauce and a little cheese and lasagne. Perfect food and its not that high the carbs so you don’t feel like you’re in a carb coma afterwards!

Then for dinner we have butter chicken curry. Loaded with goodness. Chicken breast, creamy healthy sauce, chickpeas and loads of vegetables. It is just so good I can’t believe I have to share it.

Day 3

Recipe This | My Slimming World Extra Easy SP Diary Week 2 (9)

It is day 3 and as I write this it is mid afternoon and I am really chuffed that I have made it to the halfway point of the week without any chocolate.

I did have a sweet tooth craving yesterday but a small portion on blueberries shared with my daughter got rid of the feeling.

Today I started off with a banana. I had a bad nights sleep and felt like I was running on empty so a banana was used as a lift before the morning run.

We then run another 5km and it is absolutely amazing to say that we have run 15km these past 3 days.

Though it does often feel that I am getting hungry before meals a lot more and that I stay in negative calories until I have had my lunch.

But that is what can happen when you are running and in the overweight category.

Then for breakfast I have courgette cooked in the Airfryer with a couple of hard boiled eggs and a little avocado and some fresh tomatoes.

Then for lunch it is carrot risotto along with some meatballs. Along with some stuffed peppers that we made in the Instant Pot. They are Big Macs in the pepper and taste so good, it is better than the real thing.

Then for dinner we have some of our favourite Greek soup. I call it the “eat my greens soup” as it is perfect for a lift or when you want to lose weight and doesn’t taste bland like you get with a diet soup.

Day 4

Recipe This | My Slimming World Extra Easy SP Diary Week 2 (10)

I start the day with a 5km run with my son, followed by breakfast and then a 6km power walk with my other son.

I am starting to train ready to do my first ever 10km run at the beginning of November and this is my way of doing it.

The idea that you could cover the distance that I would be doing and mix up the running and the walking until I can do just running.

For breakfast it is a couple of boiled eggs with some fruit.

For lunch we have a delicious Air Fryer frittata. Perfect for filling you up when you are into the exercise and great for a quick and easy lunch.

Then for dinner it is wholesome chicken burrito bowls. The chicken is cooked fast in the Instant Pot and then the chicken bowls are filled full of food heaven. Loads of salad items, sweetcorn, beans and even a bit of cheese.

Day 5

Recipe This | My Slimming World Extra Easy SP Diary Week 2 (12)

I start the day with another 5km run. It is a struggle doing 5 out of 5 days but to say at the end of it that I have ran 25km this week and power walked another 6km sounds amazing.

I just have to keep up with it and use the rinse and repeat method.

For breakfast it is eggs and fruit (with a little avocado) just because they work so well together and give me a good start after a run.

Then for lunch I have homemade burgers served with vegetables via the Airfryer. This shows that you can have partial fast food without having to worry about counting calories.

Then for dinner it is a delicious sticky chicken and vegetables dish made in the Instant Pot. Then everything is thrown into the pot and we all dig in for a quick Friday night supper.

Talking Numbers

So here I am at the end of week 4 and my Slimming World Extra Easy SP week. I have put my mind into weight loss and I step on the scales and find out that I have lost just over 2 kilos.

This also means that in the last 8 weeks since I got back into the diet grove that I have lost 7.5 kilos. Over a stone in weight loss is fine with me and it would be great if I could keep this up and lose ½ a stone a month.

Well without further introduction it is as follows:

  • Starting Weight = 13st4/84.5 Kilos
  • Last Weeks Weight = 12st11/81.3 Kilos
  • Weight At Day 1 = 13st1
  • Current Weight = 12st10
  • Jeans Size = size 16

Also this means that after this week I have just 1 stone to go to have a normal BMI again and it would be great to hit that 2 months from now as school breaks up for the summer and I will feel less stressed when sunbathing on the beach.

Recipe This | My Slimming World Extra Easy SP Diary Week 2 (13)

Now Take Action

Now it is your turn. Jump onboard and create your own SP day or even week. Its all about making it your own. I made my own by increasing the amount of speed foods and adding natural fats. Now do it your way!

And check below for the recipes that we featured this week:

5 Slimming World SP Recipes

Recipe This | My Slimming World Extra Easy SP Diary Week 2 (15)

#1 – Slimming World Butter Chicken In The Slow Cooker

Recipe This | My Slimming World Extra Easy SP Diary Week 2 (16)

A delicious homemade Slimming World chicken curry loaded with lots of fresh tomatoes, chicken breast and the creamiest sauce you have ever eaten. Plus it is completely Syn Free!

#2 – Air Fryer Frittata

Recipe This | My Slimming World Extra Easy SP Diary Week 2 (17)

A delicious Air Fryer Frittata is Great for sharing and great for taking to the beach or in our case – the perfect lunch!

#3 – Slimming World Big Mac Stuffed Peppers In The Instant Pot

Recipe This | My Slimming World Extra Easy SP Diary Week 2 (19)

This is one of these amazing things that we should all have in our diet. So delicious, so full of body and its like having a huge burger inside of a stuffed pepper.

Also because of the size of the Instant Pot you could fit a few in and then serve them up with a salad or some Airfryer fries.

#4 – Slimming World Chicken Burrito Bowls In The Instant Pot

Recipe This | My Slimming World Extra Easy SP Diary Week 2 (20)

I love these and you forget when you look at it, that essentially all it is = a chicken salad. But it is so hearty, so delicious, so full of fibre, a great protein kick and you still have the salady items for it to be high speed.

Recipe This | My Slimming World Extra Easy SP Diary Week 2 (21)

These are the kind of things I used to cook in the oven, but it is so much easier in the Instant Pot (or in a slow cooker) just prepare it and forget and it is perfect for a healthy family meal.

Or you can check this link for a whole range of Slimming World Books.

Recipe This | My Slimming World Extra Easy SP Diary Week 2 (2024)
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