Herby Pork Larb With Chile Recipe (2024)

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Vietnamese food also uses rice powder, ground from toasted uncooked rice, called "thinh". You can get it in small packets in Asian markets, usually located near the spices and the various starches, like tapioca and rice flour. For crispy fried shallots,Trader Joe's sells containers of "fried onions" that tastes just like it. Saves time without foregoing taste or authenticity.


While I was living in Indonesia I learned from my cook to fry dried onion flakes (the kind you find in jars in the spice section) instead of fresh shallots. This yields a toasty brown and crunchy result in seconds and is much less oily than the fresh shallots, which catch oil in all their nooks and crannies. Tastes delicious too.


Loved this recipe! The lime levels are perfect. I added chopped peanuts to it which gave it a nice crunch. Would definitely recommend doing a super fine grind on the rice. COOK THIS NOW.


Love this. Makes a great light dinner on hot nights.In my opinion, the toasted rice powder doesn’t add enough flavor for the effort. Use finely chopped unsalted peanuts. Yes I know that the rice is traditional.This recipe is way better than any lettuce wraps in a restaurant. Even good as leftovers. Was tempted to add rice noodles for salad entree for the leftovers.

SH in SM

Didn't feel like toasting and grinding up the jasmine rice, but I had a box of Rice Krispies at home so I just smashed that up with the bottom of a cup instead. Tasted great. Live dangerously!


Great as written. I'm all for saving time, but ignore the comment about "fussy" rice powder. It only takes about 5 minutes to make and really takes the dish to another level.

C. Musick

I followed the recipe to a tee PLUS added 3 sliced garlic cloves and it knocked out of the park! Exactly like our Thai restaurant's dish. Even better here at home. Good job;-)

Joe A.

A larb also works great as a filling for lettuce cups if you're trying to stay away from rice. An easy sub for the fresh bird's eye chili would be serranos, et al. I keep my leftover broken rice in the freezer; it goes bad fairly quickly.


This dish (more properly Anglicized and spelled "lahp" - I speak and write Thai after living there for many years) is most commonly made with ground beef, at least in Isaan. This pork version sounds good, and the seasoning seems correct. Try to use real Thai chili peppers - "prik kee noo." That will make it truly authentic, and HOT!

Claudine Jones

General consensus in our kitchen was that this is a keeper. It didn't need extra salt because fish sauce is already salty in our humble opinion. Left out the red chili flakes and added some mild jalapeno. Could probably use a little more lime juice. As to the rice powder: this was the single most dare I say authentic ingredient that I think I would have missed had I not gone to the trouble of making it. Not really that difficult; used my mortar and pestle.


Excellent recipe. The toasted rice added that great Larb texture. Next time will make a bunch and keep it on hand.


This is the best Thai dish I have ever made, and I couldn't be more pleased!Too fish saucy for some in the family, so more for me...


I left out the bird chili and used about 1/3 of a jalapeño-no seeds, used 1 T miso paste with a couple tablespoons of low sodium soy mixed to sub for fish sauce, forgot the sugar and omitted the rice. Served on a leaf of bok Choy with a base of jasmine rice and heaped the pork and herb mix on top. Also added a slaw of jicama, cucumber, red pepper and thinly sliced bok choy dressed sparingly with a mix of soy, sesame oil and unseasoned rice vinegar topped with toasted sesame seeds. Yum!


That is the tops of cilantro plants as they are starting to flower.


I've eaten vegetarian versions of this with tofu, mushrooms, and even banana blossoms substituted for the pork/meat. Very tasty!


I made it with pork and it was excellent. I might have used a bit more than the called for herbs. Served with both rice and roasted cabbage. The toasted rice powder is worth the effort. Though, I've used peanuts and fried onions as a past Larb topping and they work.


I cooked it as written, except that I didn't roast the iceberg lettuce. The whole family loved this recipe. Even my picky grandchildren snarfed it down! I managed to get one small wrap for myself, but it was great to see them enjoy this tasty dish. I had brown rice on the side to sop up what fell out of the wraps. Definitely on the repeat list at my house, but I will triple the recipe if family comes to dinner.


So delicious, and satisfies all the right flavor notes of this cuisine for me. Using a coffee grinder for the rice is an easy solution to the 'fussiness'. This dish kicked off my absolute obsession with bird's eye chilies.


Add no salt, at least without tasting, because at least my fish sauce is plenty salty and I am an over-salter.


This is as good as the larb I get at restaurants, so yummy and easy to make. I toasted the rice and ground it by hand in a bowl with an empty wine bottle; the rice is brittle enough to grind easily like this. I used ground chicken, and I found Asian fried onions at my local grocery store. I love how herbaceous it is. Had it with rice, a great dish even for a chilly San Francisco summer evening.


Just delicious. I've made multiple times now. I sub jalapeno for the birds eye as that is what I can find and never skip the toasted rice. Delightful and fast!


One of the only recipes I’ve made “as written” exactly and it’s incredible every time. No alteration needed :)


This is always a hit.

danicas notes

Use Arborio rice


This is such a simple, delicious dish. Larb is my go-to meal at Thai restaurants and it is now in my rotation at home. Amazing!


Excellent recipe! Made as is except for the bird's eye chili, which I couldn't find, and used one serrano. Like another reviewer, I gave the option of topping with TJ's chili oil peanuts and served with lettuce cups along with jasmine rice. Delish and the entire family ate. A Christmas miracle if ever there was one!


I used crumbled Beyond burger in place of the pork and it came out perfectly. This will be a new staple for weeknights - meatless or not!


This dish had crazy umami. I have an umami-meter when I read a recipe, and this one lit up all the lights, but the reality was off the charts. Wow! This larb is in my rotation now. Thank you so much.


Sooo good! I'd definitely do more herbs next time. No mortar and pestle or spice grinder, but I did a quick deep clean of my coffee bean grinder and voila! Was totally worth it and those crispy bites were delicious.


This was delicious, easy and fast. I added slivered lime leaves (from the freezer) which I think adds a really nice flavor.

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Herby Pork Larb With Chile Recipe (2024)
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