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Calculate how many miles in a Km taking the help of easy and handy tool Kilometers to Miles Converter and get the detailed worked out procedure on how to approach.

One kilometer is equal to 0.621371 mile. To convert a kilometer measurement to a mile measurement, multiply the number of kilometers by miles and change the units to mile. Unit conversion of 50 kilometers (km) is 31.06855 miles (mi) .

Convert 50 Kilometer to Miles - - (1)


50 Kilometers is equal to 31.06855 miles

To convert Kilometers to Mile

we know that, 1 kilometer = 0.621371 miles

To convert Kilometers to miles, multiply the kilometer value by 0.621371.

Result in Kilometers: 50 km × 0.621371 × km/mi

Cancel The Comman factor of km

Result in Miles: (50 x 0.621371 mi)

Multiply 50 into 0.621371

Result in Miles: 31.06855 miles

∴ 50 Kilometers = 31.06855 miles

Kilometers & Miles Calculations

Here are examples of Kilometers to Miles calculations.

    Here are examples of Miles to Kilometers calculations.

      More Examples

      (some results rounded)

      km mi
      50.0 31.06855
      50.1 31.1306871
      50.2 31.1928242
      50.3 31.2549613
      50.4 31.3170984
      50.5 31.3792355
      50.6 31.4413726
      50.7 31.5035097
      50.8 31.5656468
      50.9 31.6277839
      51.0 31.689921
      51.1 31.7520581
      51.2 31.8141952
      51.3 31.8763323
      51.4 31.9384694
      km mi
      51.5 32.0006065
      51.6 32.0627436
      51.7 32.1248807
      51.8 32.1870178
      51.9 32.2491549
      52.0 32.311292
      52.1 32.3734291
      52.2 32.4355662
      52.3 32.4977033
      52.4 32.5598404
      52.5 32.6219775
      52.6 32.6841146
      52.7 32.7462517
      52.8 32.8083888
      52.9 32.8705259

      What is Trapezoid?

      A Trapezoid is a 4-sided geometrical shape with two sides parallel to each other. And we called these two sides (a and b) as bases of the trapezoid. The other two sides (c and d) are called legs. The height of the trapezoid is represented as 'h'. The height (or altitude) of a trapezoid is the perpendicular distance between the two bases. All internal angles of a trapezoid sum to give 360°. Moreover, the angles on the same side of a leg are called adjacent and always sum up to 180° and it determines in the equations as,

      α + β = 180°

      γ + δ = 180°

      Area of a Trapezoid Formula

      The area of a trapezoid is basically the average width times the altitude, or as a formula:

      Area = 1/2 * height * (base1 + base2)


      b1, b2 are the lengths of each base

      h is the altitude (height)

      Steps to Find the Area of a Trapezoid?

      A 4 – sided geometrical figure which has one pair of parallel sides is called a Trapezoid. Most the time the bases are parallel. To find the Area of Trapezoid, all you need to do is just go ahead and implement the steps that are given below:

      1. First of all, note down the given parameters such as side lengths and height.
      2. In the next step, Add the parallel bases i.e., base1 and base2.
      3. Now add the sum of bases and the height of the trapezoid.
      4. Once, the step is completed just divide the result by 2.
      5. Finally, you will get the Area of Trapezoid as an output

      For more clarity about how to find the area of a trapezoid, we are going to give the solved example below:


      Find the Area of Trapezoid whose base1 is 23 cm, base2 is 12 cm and height is 6 cm?


      The given parameters such as base1 b1 = 23 cm, base2 b2 = 12 cm, and height h =6 cm

      Substitute the values of the bases (b1 = 23 cm and b2 = 12 cm) and height h = 6 cm into the area of a trapezoid formula

      Area = 1/2 * height * (base1 +base2)

      Put the value of base and height value in Area Formula.

      Area = 1/2 * (6 cm) * (23 + 12) cm

      Add the bases value b1 = 23 cm and b2 = 12 cm

      Area = 1/2 * 6 cm * (35.0 cm)

      Multiply 6 cm and 35.0 cm

      Area = 1/2 * 210.0 cm2

      Divide 210.0 cm2 by 2

      Area = 105.0 cm2

      Thus, Area of a Trapezoid whose parameters are 23 cm, 12 cm, and 6 cm is 105.0 cm2

      How the Area of Trapezoid Calculator Works?

      Our Area of Trapezoid is very simple and user-friendly to use. All you need to do is give your required parameters in the input fields arranged on the screen. Along with the inputs also set the unit metric by using the dropdown list. Once, you have entered the needed parameters in the boxes, simply tap on the button called "Area". Finally, it displays the area of trapezoid results after performing all the calculations internally.

      Also, you will be known the steps of how it calculates the area of Trapezoid in a detailed explanation. So, utilize this online free Area of Trapezoid Calculator tool and get the results with ease. Know you have got enough idea about how it works and how it helps you to find the trapezoid area when required parameters are there.

      FAQs on Trapezoid Area Calculator

      1. What's the formula for finding the area of a trapezoid?

      The area of a trapezoid is found with the formula, A=(a+b)/2 x h.

      2. How do I find the Area of Trapezoid?

      You can easily find trapezoid area results by entering the given parameters in our Area of Trapezoid Calculator input fields.

      3. This Area of a Trapezoid Calculator is a free online tool or not?

      Yes, our Area of a Trapezoid calculator is a free online tool that helps students to make their area of trapezoid calculations much easier and faster.

      4. What is the Formula for Perimeter of a Trapezoid?

      You can also make use of this area of a trapezoid calculator to calculate the perimeter of this 4-sided geometrical shape. Just do sum of all lengths of the sides together i.e., P = a + b + c + d.

      Convert 50 Kilometer to Miles - - (2024)
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