10 Modern Landscaping Ideas for a Fresh and Stylish Yard (2024)

A striking architectural silhouette, well-painted siding, and details like shutters or windows all play a huge part in your home’s curb appeal. Excellent landscaping also helps tell a story and isn't to be underestimated. Whether your home is a new build or has some stories to tell, opting for a modern landscaping approach can help tie everything together in a way that feels fresh, refined, and inviting.

The key to modern landscaping is balancing simplicity and functionality while also infusing some character via careful contrast and special details. Modern landscape design often employs the use of clean lines and edges as well as an overall orderly aesthetic—often with a lot of geometry in play. You're also likely to see minimalistic features like concrete paths and patios paired with metal accents. What you won't see in a modern landscape is wildly wandering vines, exuberant flowering shrubs, or a large hodge-podge of plants—these all skew a bit too traditional.

To help inspire your own yard makeover, we’re showcasing beautiful examples of modern landscaping ranging from minimalist to sustainable.

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Concrete Block Pavers and Grass

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This ultra-modern, minimalist home features clean lines all around. In the yard, which was designed by Nievera Williams, the bright green, perfectly manicured lawn serves as a striking contrast against the home's white exterior. Meanwhile, large rectangular blocks of concrete create both a sense of artistic creativity and functionality.

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Rustic Modern Landscaping

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Modern landscaping isn't just for modern architecture, as seen at this rustic home by Michael O’Brien of Hommes + Gardens, where beautiful clay pots filled with lush greenery line the exterior walls. Here, spherical shrubs, tiered topiaries, and slender evergreens all borrow from the modern playbook for a dynamic, symmetrical look.

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Korean Grass Alternative Lawn

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After dealing with a fussy front yard that required lots of water and routine mowing, Ben Fredrickson of Fredrickson Landscape, Inc. decided to abandon traditional lawns for something a bit more sustainable (and spectacular!). In this modern landscaping design, he opted for Korean grass (zoysia tenuifolia), which creates a wavy ground cover that resembles moss. It's paired with tall succulents, a simple wood fence, and a fire pit area for cozy congregating.

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Modern Tropical Landscaping

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Symmetry often comes into play when designing modern landscapes, which you can see in this beautiful display created by Cortney Bishop. A series of palm trees line the geometric walkway, while a peat carpet and green shrubs create some softness to contrast the hard edges.

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Boulders and Gravel

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Don't write off boulders as a special feature in a modern landscaping design. Here, Meredith Owen Interiors opted for rugged symmetry by placing two large rocks atop gravel near the sidewalk entrance.

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Water Fountain and Lush Greenery

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Water fountains are another feature that often find their way into modern landscaping design. Here, Hommes + Gardens opted for a stone water feature with some European influence, offset by minimalist geometric swaths of grass, modern seating, and lush greenery that creates privacy for this inviting cove.

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Metal Plant Boxes

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Often, less is more when it comes to modern landscaping. In this design by Meredith Owen Interiors, a simple grass lawn is accentuated by large metal plant boxes that line the home's exterior. They're filled with beautiful plants in a spectrum of colors and textures to capitalize on visual intrigue.

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Natural Grass and Cozy Seating

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This outdoor living space was landscaped and designed by Denise Davies, founder of D2 Interieurs, and features a geometric base with retro-modern furnishings."The tile is custom-poured concrete with river rocks in place of grout," she says."The cement gives the patio a very modern feel, and the river rocks balance the modern with nature." Surrounding the area are grasses and tropical plants.

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Palm Trees and Large Planter

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Here's another example of how to work palm trees into your modern landscaping design. Four sit on this lot, designed by Bishop, and surround a large concrete planter in the center filled with brightly colored flowers and tall foliage.

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Solar Lights and Soft Grasses

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This Spanish Colonial Revival home shows that modern landscaping truly can work for a variety of architectural designs. Lush green grass helps set the stage here, while large, off-set blocks of concrete with gravel between create a minimalist pathway. It's lined with soft grasses and solar lights for a cozy glow come dusk.

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10 Modern Landscaping Ideas for a Fresh and Stylish Yard (2024)


How can I make my yard look amazing? ›

14 Ways to Make Your Yard Look Awesome for Under $100
  1. Plant Stuff. A good-looking yard is full of life. ...
  2. Trim Stuff. ...
  3. Pull Weeds. ...
  4. Rake. ...
  5. Lay Down Mulch. ...
  6. Edge. ...
  7. Put Up Some Lattice. ...
  8. Power Wash Your House.

What is a modern landscape style? ›

Modern landscaping is an approach to outdoor design that embraces contemporary aesthetics, clean lines, and functional elements to create visually appealing and practical outdoor spaces. It incorporates minimalist design principles, often characterized by simplicity, symmetry, and a limited color palette.

How can I make my yard look nice for cheap? ›

20 cheap landscaping ideas
  1. Plant perennials.
  2. Mulch your garden beds.
  3. Add sustainable hardscaping.
  4. Conserve water with xeriscaping.
  5. Mow less with groundcover.
  6. Lay down roots with native plants.
  7. Upcycle functional landscape decor.
  8. Consider colorful containers.
Nov 16, 2023

What is the best landscape to avoid weeds? ›

A thick layer of mulch is a great way to keep weeds under control. When mulching for weed control, the mulch layer must be at least 3 inches deep. Shredded cedar seems to keep more weeds out than most of the other barks/wood chips. In large landscapes, goat grazing may be an effective and economical biological control.

What landscaping adds most value? ›

10 Lawn, Landscape Features That Increase Home Value
  • Tidy garden. ...
  • Landscaped pathway. ...
  • Lighting. ...
  • Fresh mulch. ...
  • All-season deck/outdoor kitchen. ...
  • Pop of color through container plants, garden bed. ...
  • Automated irrigation system. ...
  • Professional landscape design.
Sep 20, 2023

How do I modernize my yard? ›

11 Backyard Makeover Ideas to Upgrade Your Space
  1. Tile Your Patio. While slabs are a practical patio surface, they're not particularly stylish. ...
  2. Build a Pergola. ...
  3. Plant New Flower Beds. ...
  4. Install a Water Feature. ...
  5. Construct a Privacy Wall. ...
  6. Add an Outdoor Shower. ...
  7. Lay a Pathway. ...
  8. Hang Twinkle Lights.
Mar 21, 2023

How do I make my landscaping look professional? ›

Layer for Height and Contrast

Using plants of different heights is one of the best ways to get a professional look. Two layers could work, but ideally, you want three. You can use taller and broader evergreens to create a backdrop and will still have room for planting bushes, such as some mid-sized flowering shrubs.

What is a luxury landscape? ›

Defining Luxury Landscaping

It involves incorporating high-end elements, unique designs, and, often, the latest trends in landscaping. Luxury landscaping might include everything from tranquil water features and exotic plants to well-designed driveways and entrances, outdoor living spaces, and luxurious pool areas.

What are the 3 major landscape types? ›

Mountains, hills, plateaus, and plains are the four major types of landforms. Minor landforms include buttes, canyons, valleys, and basins.

What are the four styles of landscape design? ›

Today, most landscape designs fall into one of four schools: traditional, contemporary, modern, and transitional. To help you get the broad strokes of what each has to offer, we'll delve into the building blocks of each and how they're differentiated.

What is the least expensive ground cover? ›

Pea gravel is also relatively inexpensive compared to other types of patio ground cover, making it an attractive choice for those on a budget. With its natural look, easy installation, and low maintenance requirements, pea gravel is an excellent choice for any patio project.

How can I make my small yard look nice? ›

Walkways will indicate a path and highlight the best way to use your space. This can help make a backyard feel larger. The walkways themselves can be a focal point. For example, beautiful concrete pavers from a deck to a garage or outdoor fireplace create a modern look and are a practical addition.

What is the cheapest landscape? ›

Opt for Affordable Hardscaping

Some of the most affordable hardscaping materials include mulch, shredded leaves, pea gravel, bark, rocks, brick chips, and sand. Purchase hardscaping materials in bulk, which is much cheaper than buying bagged rocks or mulch at a home improvement store.

What is the most low maintenance outdoor plant? ›

Top 10 Low Maintenance Perennials
  • Hardy Hibiscus. ...
  • Perennial Geranium. ...
  • Hosta. ...
  • Ferns. ...
  • Catmint. ...
  • Coreopsis. ...
  • Black-eyed Susan. Rudbeckia or Black-eyed Susan is a must for the summer garden. ...
  • Sedum. Upright, flowering sedums are perfect for late summer and fall gardens.

What is a good landscaping budget? ›

How much should I budget for landscaping? For an excellent landscape, plan to spend up to 10% of your home's value on a complete remodel. A ballpark figure consists of $2,600 to $13,700, but for crunched numbers, you'll need to consider the specific project you want to work on.

What is minimalist landscaping? ›

As the name suggests, this style involves landscaping with minimal plants and landscaping features. Less is more! In general, minimalism is all about embracing simplicity, clean lines, and a sense of spaciousness in your outdoor space. It's perfect for those who appreciate a clutter-free, serene environment.

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